Friday, January 16, 2009


This is Gerard. He's a creeper. c.2006

In super awesome news, Teach approved both projects I had in mind for documentary and thesis. I can not wait for this to get going. I'm skippin town this weekend to get started. As I was tellin Teach about the 'Dadumentary' (I have to find a new title to be taken seriously) I just poured out ideas ... American dream - american reality.... bustin ass to get by smiling... in ten years this won't matter...etc. Its gotten more structured and I have specific ideas for images I still need to tell dad's story. This is exciting.
Thesis is going to be killer. Its a dream and nobody in class wants to do anything like it. I'll be doing photograms and scratching negitives and fine art type stuff. I mean... I dunno about the 'fine' part but its surely gonna be some art. I'm babbling cuz I'm stoked.

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