Monday, May 25, 2009

like a year...

The last couple days feel like an entire year, so much has happened. Friday as my portfolio review. I turned it in last monday and sat on my nerves all week. But when it came down to it I got mostly good feedback... which isn't very helpful but the things I need to work on are diving deeper into the idea I'm portraying. Select members of the faculty who were there told me they don't think I know what I'm trying to say. They also said I had the most conceptual work that they've seen come through the program. Karen Antonelli wasn't there, but viewed the photos beforehand.... on her written critique, she gave me three 5s and one 4. I was like.. woah. She said I mastered my tool. haha. Andy told me to look into the market more and more than one person said I should think about driving the work toward illustrative markets. Cool beans.

Saturday, the parents came to town and helped me move. I killed dad's truck on there way here. It got junked. Sunday, my arms were killing me. death. I look like I was in a domestic dispute. My left arm alone has six pretty gnarly bruises. Hot. Then, there was the UpartyLive show which was nifty. there was a HUGE crowd for the shelf life. And they brought another guitar-playing buddy who sang a few of his songs. He was my favorite to watch. his face was all in it. And he had a strap on harmonica. The guitar was super pretty too. Oh yeah, in addition to the three members of the shelf life, they brought a fella with a stand up bass. Ginormous instrument. I shot them with film. Hopefully that works out.

Today is Memorial day and therefore, I'm taking this time to put off cleaning at the new place by writing a super long blog that nobody's going to read anyway. I made myself a list to make it seem more organized. It probably won't be that bad but I just don't want to start. Plus, I haven't been online in a couple days and I must catch up to the world. ha.

Photos to come next time. As soon as I get them processed. Letchya know.



  1. i read it =P
    you are a silly goose, but congrats on the portfolio stuffs, pretty coolz.
    you're doin' good, kid. ;)

  2. i am amazed how far you have come!! that light at the end of this tunnel sure is getting bright.
    the portfolio thing is just the beginning. the world will be a better place once it gets to meet you. your only limits are in your mind and your dreams will never let you reach them!! the truck was just a page in this wonderful book of life, one turn of the page and a new adventure presents itself!! the move was fun, i think we are getting good at it!!
    love you, keep smiling