Friday, February 27, 2009

Darkroom Joys

So. I feel like I had a breakthrough in thesis. We had to show work and I didn't show much cuz I have this feeling like if I showed anything of importance, I'd jinx it. I did a bit of printing today and had some fun doing it. The images I'm putting up now were sprayed with developer instead of being submerged in a tray. Can I just say I really enjoy fridays in the lab. Nobody is there and if there is anyone, they're earlier quarters and still have the fear of upper quarter students so they don't bug me or go near my sink of chemicals. muahahaha.

I'm wondering which of the first two to use. I dunno if I like the single person or the double person better. you tell me. The dinos was just for fun. good ol photograms. hehe.
oh! and the floating dog one was taken with shane's holga about a year or more ago. that's there cuz I miss the bus stop I took it from. there was a man walking the dog but I seemed to have chopped him out when I forwarded the film..... woot?

1 comment:

  1. i like the first "splash" pic, the second one seems too diffused, the dog pic has a scratch that looks like a leash from above,very mysterious!! the dinos speak volumes you have amazing talent!!!